Former VIPs

Profiles of Former VIPs

Dalia Mehiar
Rwanda, May-August 2017
Developing Measures for the Categorization of Household Vulnerability. Read more.
Ali Blumenstock
Colombia, May-August 2017
Addressing Environmental Issues One Community At a Time. Read more.
Evan Bartlett
Rwanda, May-July 2017
Using Participatory Approaches in Agriculture: Farmer Field Schools and Kitchen Gardens. Read more.
Milan Bala
Ghana, May-July 2017
Factors Impacting the Effectiveness of Program Interventions. Read more.
Luis Bourgeois, Justin Ho, Hitomi Murakami, Sara Wu
United States, November 2016-April 2017
Identifying Policies to Address Public Finance Issues at Local Level in Ukraine. Read more.
cooperativesElena Gillis, Muhammad Malik, Samad Sadri, Alison Salisbury
Rwanda-USA, January-May 2016
Building Community Resiliency Through Cooperatives. Read more.
cooperativesMatt Feldman
Rwanda and Uganda, August 2015
A Day in a Life of a Cooperative. Read more.
rwanda private sectorMarcela Valverde
Rwanda, June-July 2015
Developing a Strategy to Engage Private Sector in Rwanda. Read more.
GhanaChenyan Lu, Cassia O. Moraes, Miks Muizarajs, Matthew J. Smith and Raul A. Soto
United States, November - December 2014
Considering Options for Livelihood Interventions in Northern Ghana. Read more.
mobile literacyKim Baskin, Camila Fierro, Sophie Matte, Melissa Persaud and Molly Slotznick
United States, November - December 2014
Assessing the Use of Mobile Technology and the Direction of Future Strategy for Community-Based Development. Read more.
peer educationSarayu Adeni, Beatriz Albernaz, Meghan Arakelian, Conor Troy and Monica Pasqualino
United States, November - December 2014
Capturing Lessons Learned in Peer to Peer Education in Kenya. Read more.
BSC teamBert Morrow, Ph.D., Billy McMahon, Patrick Joyce, and Caleb McVicker
Uganda and the United States, January - December 2014
Studying Cooperation Among Ugandan Farmers. Read more.
AU teamTschuna Gibson, Suria Lloyd, Nadine Schelling, Nora Winstead, and Hrach Gregorian, Ph.D.
United States, September - December 2014
Researching the Landscape of Urban Programming. Read more.
Henry TenenbaumHenry Tenenbaum, Video Producer and Journalist
Kenya, April - May 2014
Video Production, Interviews and Media Training. Read more.
AU team Elisa Calle, Bernadette Cronley, Arica Maurer and Stephanie VanderMeer
Colombia, March 2014
Recommending Ways to Strengthen Resiliency in Partner Communities. Read more.
rwandaCourtney Lane Greenley and Shayna McCready
Rwanda, March 2014
Evaluting Factors Impacting Household Economic Resiliency. Read more.
Gordon LindquistGordon E. Lindquist
Uganda and Rwanda, February 2014
Sharing Experience in Governance and Training of Cooperative Boards. Read more.
rwandaCarrie Beason Chandrarasurin, Jillian Christie, Caitlin Kelly, Tiffany Law and Anael Ngando
Rwanda, November 2013
Using the Most Significant Change Method to Evaluate Ejo Heza Program Impact. Read more.
TenebaumHenry Tenenbaum, Video Producer and Presenter
Rwanda, August 2013
Learning to Engage Local media and Communicate Program Results Efficiently. Read more.
RwandaSamia Ausaf, Sabrina Cao, Eva Poon and Daksha Shakya
Rwanda, March 2013
Measuring Trust within Cooperatives in Rwanda: A Pilot Study with George Washington University. Read more.
VIPs RwandaAdele Billups, Alistair Dawson, Andrew Doty, Brian Haupt, Laura Nissley and Diana Salman
Rwanda, January 2013
Using the Most Significant Change Method to Evaluate Higa Ubeho Program Impact. Read more.
Jenny SchmitzerJenny Schmitzer, Water and Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Consultant
Liberia, July - December 2012
Improving Sanitation and Hygiene in Urban Setting. Read more.
LindquistGordon E. Lindquist, President & CEO (retired), Mutual Service Insurance Companies
Rwanda, January 2012
Developing Governance and Capacity of Local Cooperatives. Read more.
VIP FullerMargot Fuller
Rwanda, June - August 2011
Evaluating Internal Savings and Lending Groups (ISLGs) to Develop Economic Strengthening Strategy. Read more.
olafsdottirThorhildur (Toto) Olafsdottir, Journalist
Yemen, January 2011
Highlinging the Stories of Working Children and Their Efforts to Get Back to School. Read more.
whitedMichael Whited, Vice President of Market Development for Univicity
Rwanda, July - August 2010
Designing Electronic Beneficiary Database to Better Track Services. Read more.
BaronBlake Baron, IT Engineer at Social Security Administration
Honduras, August 2010
Documenting Program Lessons and Experience through Pictures. Read more.
NixonGene Nixon, Health Commissioner of Summit County Health District in Ohio
Rwanda, October - November 2009
Applying the Community HIV/AIDS Mobility Program (CHAMP) Linkage Model to Social Services for Vulnerable Populations Program (SSVP). Read more.
robersonStephanie Roberson, Graduate Student at University of Liverpool, UK
South Sudan, May - June 2009
Assessing Roads Buildt by CHF. Read more.
mccrearyDon (Mac) McCreary, Trustee emeritus, CHF International
Mongolia, January - March 2009
Building Capacity of a Local NGO to Provide Business Development Services. Read more.
BoitJohn Boit, Founder and CEO, Melwood Global
Azerbaijan, July 2007
Spreading the word about CHF activities in Azeraijan. Read more.
avedikianRick Avedikian, Carpenter
Armenia, July 2006
Modifying and Implementing Vocational Skills and Construction Training. Read more.
rossJacqueline Ann Ross, Arts and Crafts Expert
Azerbaijan, June 2005
Contributing to the Economic Development of Local Artisans. Read more.
serbiaJacqueline Ann Ross, Arts and Crafts Expert
Serbia, December 2002
Assisting with Community Revitalization in the Municipal and Environmental Sectors. Read more.