We are global stewards whose goal is to minimize internal costs to maximize external potential.

Global Communities takes pride in being responsible and effective stewards of our donors’ funds. We have among the tightest financial controls in the NGO community and undergo regular thorough external reviews. We have been a low risk auditee for the past seven years and have received an unqualified/unmodified audit opinion during that period. Furthermore, we annually engage with an external audit firm to conduct an independent review or audit for all our international locations to ensure that our field offices are in compliance with our policies and procedures.

2018 Program Expenses by Activity

2018 Expenses by Function


2018 Program Expenses by Region

Financial Statements

Combined Statement of Activities and Changes in Net Assets for the year ended September 30, 2018

Income Statement
Grants and Contributions 89,845,251
Contracts 18,445,844
In-kind Contributions 117,885
Interest and Investment Income 3,876,979
Other income 5,750,058
Total Revenues 118,036,017
Direct Program Implementation 103,152,319
General and Administrative 20,216,400
Total Expenses 123,368,719
Balance Sheet
Assets 370,607,695
Liabilities 217,436,327
Net Assets
Temporary Restricted 22,981,194
Unrestricted 130,190,174

Combined Financial Statements

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For more information on our financials view our 990s for years ended 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, and 2014.

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