Financial Inclusion

Global Communities is an innovator in providing locally appropriate financial solutions. We pioneered housing microfinance in the 1980s and have managed lending institutions in the world’s most challenging environments since the 1990s. Every institution that we manage was established to meet the needs of the local communities in which we work. As a result, we operate a highly-localized and internationally proven business model, and offer a broad spectrum of products that help families, first time entrepreneurs, and well-established small businesses chart their own path.

This approach has resulted in healthy, growing portfolios across eight countries that  today surpass a combined $216 million in loans outstanding. From 2004 to 2015, Global Communities disbursed nearly 700,000 loans to low- and moderate-income customers, totaling more than $1.76 billion, while maintaining an average repayment rate of 98 percent.

Our four core areas of expertise are microfinance, small and medium enterprise (SME) finance, housing finance and loan guarantee facilities.



Global Communities’ largest and fastest growing portfolio continues to be in microfinance. We operate the largest international network of microfinance institutions in the Middle East, with major operations in Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and the West Bank and Gaza, as well as institutions in Romania, Bosnia, Colombia and Ghana. By offering small loans to families and entrepreneurs left out of the formal financial sector, and providing them access to business resources and trainings, we help grow economies from the bottom up. 

sme finance

SME Finance

Small and medium enterprises are an engine of economic growth, but they are often unserved by traditional banking because the risk is considered too high, and they are often excluded from microfinance providers because their capital needs are too large. Yet they have huge potential to create jobs and contribute to local economies. Global Communities fills this gap by offering loans from $10,000 to $250,000 depending on the market, and also by operating loan guarantee facilities in partnership with USAID and the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) in Egypt and Jordan. 

housing finance

Housing Finance

In addition to providing credit for home improvement, Global Communities continues to work to find solutions for families previously excluded from home ownership. We provide oversight and risk management services for a $150 million fixed-rate mortgage initiative in Jordan funded by the Overseas Private Investment Corporation and provide technical assistance consultancies in housing microfinance, such as two workshops in 2013, for Lafarge in the Philippines and the French Agency for Development in Nigeria.

Loan Guarantee Facilities

Loan Guarantee Facilities

Since 2008, Global Communities has been a leading provider of loan guarantees, in partnership with the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, the US Agency for International Development and US Department of Agriculture. Through our loan guarantee facilities, we help businesses in emerging economies that are too large for traditional microfinance and too small for commercial banks to access credit, by partially guaranteeing the loans of commercial bank partners. This helps to diversify and strengthen developing economies, and provides incentives to commercial banks to begin lending to markets they previously would not have considered. Learn more about our work with loan guarantee facilities here.

Global Communities has development finance institutions in Bosnia, Colombia, Egypt, Ghana, Iraq, Jordan, KenyaLebanon, MalawiRomania, Tanzania, and the West Bank and Gaza

Vitas GroupThe Vitas Group

Vitas Group is a commercial holding company created by Global Communities to provide responsible micro, small and medium enterprise finance to populations that aren’t served wellby formal financial markets. Vitas was founded on the belief that every client deserves a financial partner that is invested in their future. Vitas was created to leverage partnerships with likeminded investors to expand the reach of our development finance services and help thousands more people become full social and economic participants in their communities. Vitas consolidates the assets of Global Communities’  more mature microfinance companies under one roof, giving them greater access to commercial funding such as debt, equity and technical assistance grants. This funding allows Vitas to improve our existing operations and research new areas where we can have a measurable, positive impact. Vitas Group currently houses four Global Communities subsidiary companies – Vitas Romania, Vitas Palestine, Vitas Lebanon and Vitas Jordan – and shares its brand and values with the Global Communities microfinance institution, CHF Vitas Iraq.