Global Communities Capacity in Preventing, Mitigating and Responding to COVID-19 and Other Outbreaks of Infectious Disease

During this time of upheaval and uncertainty, Global Communities is using its past experience and technical expertise in the effort to address the COVID-19 crisis. At their core, Global Communities’ programs around the world focus on building trust with, and empowering, local communities and local governments. Now, we must translate that trust in creative ways to support activities for behavior change as well as other actions that support infectious disease response activity. Our field offices are proactively engaging donors and other stakeholders to discuss and plan for the impact that local COVID-19 response measures are likely to have on the implementation of our ongoing work. We are identifying areas where existing budget and staff resources can be re-purposed from originally planned activities to activities that bolster the public health response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and we are considering new program initiatives as well.

Global Communities has always risen to the occasion when faced with crises, and we have a demonstrated tolerance for operating in and managing high-risk environments. Beyond staying safe and healthy, our focus must remain on our mission and our communities. Our longtime reputation in water, sanitation and hygiene and our experience with other public health emergencies including Ebola, Zika and cholera make us uniquely qualified and positioned to play a role in responding to COVID-19.

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