Transforming Bseira Primary School

Bseira students
“This wall has made us and our parents feel much safer in the school, and we can now play freely without fear of animals or strangers.”
                                                         — A Bseira Primary School Student

Transforming Bseira Primary School

For most people, the building of a wall would not be a dream come true but to the teachers, parents, and students of Bseira Primary School, it is just that. Set in the mountainous landscape of southern Jordan, the rocky ravine next to the school made the grounds unusable. Wild animals and herds of sheep used the playground more than the students. The proximity of the sports field to the ravine made holding practices too dangerous. Strangers wandered onto the grounds at all hours, worrying parents and staff.

When residents identified safety at the school as the top priority for the community, volunteers worked with the local government and businesses to build a wall around the grounds. Upon completion, a transformation began to take place. Parents no longer worried about their kids’ safety. Students could use the playground and sports fields without fear. Teachers no longer petitioned to transfer to different schools. And, a record number of applications were received for the next academic year.

“I’ve been a Bseira School student and I know exactly the type of challenges faced by the students of this school,” said Hanan Al-Zeidanyeen, Bseira School Principal. “Today, I am proud that my dream and the dreams of all students has finally come true with this project.”

The Bseira Primary School project is just one of the many implemented by Global Communities in Jordan through the U.S. Agency for International Development Community Engagement Project. Through this project, Global Communities builds stronger communities by bringing residents together to solve community problems.

But we don’t do it alone. We work with community based organizations and local governments. We have eager volunteers like the residents of Bseira. And we have a strong network of donors like you who believe in our mission to help people help themselves.

Thank you for making a difference.