Rethinking Humanitarianism podcast: Money talks

From The New Humanitarian

Money! Money! Money!

So many of the day-to-day realities of the humanitarian sector are driven by money: who gets it, how it's distributed, and what it's intended for. So you can't rethink humanitarianism without also rethinking the money.

In this fifth episode of the Rethinking Humanitarianism podcast, join hosts Heba Aly, director of The New Humanitarian, and Jeremy Konyndyk, senior policy fellow at the Center for Global Development, as they unpack how money flows through the humanitarian aid sector – with guests Tara Nathan, executive vice president on digital solutions for development at Mastercard; and Sema Genel Karaosmanoğlu, executive director of Support to Life and board chair of the NEAR Network.

Who benefits from the current models of financing aid? Can alternatives – from local pooled funds to private sector infrastructure – provide better value for money and better outcomes for people affected by crises? What gets in the way of change? 

In this episode, we dive into how mistrust, monopolies, and perverse incentives are shaping humanitarian response. Listen below.

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