Global Communities has an operational base in Gaziantep in Southern Turkey, and has worked with local Syrian NGO partners since 2014 to deliver critically-needed humanitarian assistance to vulnerable, conflict-affected populations in Northern Syria.  Local partners are responsible for liaising with communities and stakeholders inside Syria, while Global Communities is responsible for overall program strategy, management, finance and administration, monitoring, and compliance. This cross-border approach of assistance delivery via local Syrian partners is a widely accepted model of assistance to areas that are largely inaccessible to international NGOs. More importantly, this approach ensures that we are working through local groups with intimate knowledge of a specific area, mitigating security concerns and facilitating access. Our approach maintains local, on-the-ground knowledge under a larger umbrella of effective management, coordination, monitoring and compliance that is critical for donor accountability, while building the capacity of Syrian organizations to deliver humanitarian assistance. We are also working with technology partners First Mile Geo and Prodigy Systems, utilizing their tools for remote management, electronic vouchers, and data collection to enhance program monitoring and evaluation.

Global Communities is currently implementing five programs in Northern Syria, addressing emergency food and shelter needs of conflict-affected populations, while laying the groundwork for early recovery through market-based approaches that build local resilience. Over the last year, Global Communities has:

  • Provided over 2,600 emergency shelter kits, improving the living conditions for over 15,600 vulnerable individuals that have been displaced due to the ongoing conflict;
  • Delivered gardening inputs to over 9,000 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), enabling them to plant small gardens a grow a portion of their own food, reducing their dependency on emergency food baskets; and
  • Supported 1,768 small-scale farmers and their families (over 10,000 individuals) by providing urgently-needed agricultural supplies, enabling farmers to grow wheat, potatoes, and vegetables to recommence their economic livelihoods and provide nutritious food for their families.

Global Communities is now shifting to a market-based approach of electronic vouchers for provision of shelter materials and agricultural goods, empowering beneficiaries to make their own choices about what goods to buy and where to buy them, as well as supporting local economic recovery.