Bolstering a New Market Economy through Credit

Global Communities has been working in Romania since 1994 to enhance the competitiveness of the business community, and prepare the country for EU accession – an effort that culminated in 2007.

With those aims, Global Communities implemented a program that promoted the competitiveness of the Romanian economy by improving the legal and regulatory environment for Romanian micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises and by strengthening the tourism and information technology and communications sectors.

Vitas Romania (formerly Express Finance S.A.) is a locally registered Romanian non-bank financial institution focused on providing excellent services and a wide range of credit products for microenterprises, and small and medium-sized companies (MSMEs). Vitas Romania has focused their efforts on MSMEs because they feel strongly that small, local businesses generate the most significant employment, and therefore have a vital role to play in the recovery of the country’s economy following the financial crisis of 2009. By joining Vitas Group, Vitas Romania is able to leverage new funds to exponentially increase the number of local entrepreneurs and homeowners it serves.