Latin America


With support from the John Deere Foundation, Global Communities is implementing the Sowing Futures program in Brazil which aims to build the capacity of communities and local institutions to prioritize needs and mobilize resources that improve socio-economic conditions, particularly for at-risk youth.


Global Communities began working in Colombia in 2001 to address the immediate needs of displaced families. Our programs quickly expanded to create long-term economic opportunities and community rehabilitation for internally displaced Colombians and vulnerable communities. In addition to long-term and emergency assistance to IDPs, Global Communities is providing support to those affected by HIV/AIDS, expanding access to credit and helping improve school infrastructure.


Global Communities began working in Haiti in 2006 to promote stability by creating jobs and rehabilitating much-needed infrastructure. In response to the devastating earthquake, which struck Haiti in January 2010, Global Communities ;implemented projects focusing on rubble removal, restoring livelihoods through cash-for-work, construction of transitional shelters and rebuilding of a neighborhood for those displaced by the disaster. Global Communities continues to help earthquake-affected residents through housing reconstruction and neighborhood-based urban planning.


Global Communities has been working continuously in Honduras since 1985, implementing a variety of development projects focused on housing, sanitation, disaster mitigation, municipal development, environmental management, agriculture, sustainable tourism and economic development. Our current programs focus on nation-wide interventions to prevent HIV/AIDS and malaria as well as support to organizations that combat human trafficking.


With funding from USAID, Global Communities is implementing the Local Governance Program, which is increasing citizen participation and engagement and building the capacity of civil society organizations to promote greater transparency, accountability and efficiency by local governments.



With the support of the Alcoa Community Foundation, Global Communities implemented the Youth Engagement for Advancing Hope (YEAH) program in Ciudad Acuña. Through YEAH, Global Communities engaged vulnerable youth by providing the promise of long-term job opportunity as an alternative to violence.


In 2007, Global Communities responded to a 7.9 magnitude earthquake which devastated the rural province of Ica. In the aftermath of the disaster, Global Communities assisted families that had lost their homes and livelihoods and helped them to regain a sense of normalcy by working collaboratively to build transitional shelters, sanitation facilities and classrooms.