infrastructure and construction

For 60 years, Global Communities has been a leader in infrastructure development and construction management. The core of our approach is working in partnership with communities, the private sector, local governments, ministries and donors to build the services that low-income, conflict- and disaster-affected families need to create a better and sustainable future.

Green Building and Innovation

Worldwide, buildings account for 40 percent of global carbon emissions. Global Communities is a member of the US Green Building Council and an advocate for green construction practices that conserve energy and water, minimize waste and help communities adapt to the impacts of the changing environment. In partnership with USAID and the Ministry of Local Government, Global Communities organized the first green construction conference and supported development of one of the first green buildings in the West Bank. In Ghana, Global Communities is working with the Coalition of NGOs in Water and Sanitation and the Ministry of Water Resources, Works and Housing on a national policy to require rainwater harvesting in public buildings. UNICEF recognized our pilot green school in Pristina, Kosovo, as a model for others, and elements of its design have been incorporated into national design guidelines for schools. From biofil latrines in Ghana to solar-powered water pumps in Indonesia and recycling rubble in Haiti for road-construction, Global Communities helps our local partners apply innovative solutions to sustainably improve their infrastructure and service delivery.

haiti road building

Project Management and Compliance

Global Communities has developed a suite of construction supervision and quality assurance tools to help our local partners keep construction projects on track and comply with environmental, health and international building safety standards. From the construction of new roads and bridges to wastewater treatment plants and electric transformer stations, Global Communities develops local capacity to mitigate environmental impacts, test project materials for quality and keep construction on time and on budget. For community facilities like schools and clinics, we focus on user-driven design, including gender needs and accessibility. Global Communities supports projects that are developed through democratic decision-making based on priorities identified by the communities and local government. By giving our partners the tools to realize shared goals and by building the capacity of local organizations to select, oversee and manage projects, we promote stability and self-sufficiency.

Global Communities' is building infrastructure in, for example, Colombia, Ghana, Haiti, Kosovo, Lebanon, Nicaragua, West Bank and Gaza.

Examples of our infrastructure and construction work include: