Combined Statement of Activities and Changes in Net Assets for the year ended September 30, 2012

Revenue and Support  
Grants 102,141,569
Contracts 14,863,210
In-kind contributions 465,347
Interest and investment income 16,587,822
Other income 1,985,496
Contributed services and goods 13,180,202
Net assets released from restrictions 49,542,651
Total Revenue and Support 198,766,297
Technical assistance 145,481,409
Capital assistance 13,009,754
General and administrative 19,352,088
Fundraising 1,394,342
Contributed services and goods 13,180,202
Total Expenses 192,417,795
Change in net assets before other items 6,348,502
Other Items  
Currency gain (loss) 685,633
Net gain from related entities and combined entities 793,942
Change in net assets 7,828,007
Temporarily restricted net assets -31,260,752
Third party minority interest in Global Communities' Holding Company 1,879,074
Total net assets at the beginning of the year 161,740,534
Total Net assets at end of year 137,007,886
Unrestricted net assets at the beginning of the year 87,150,581
Unrestricted net assets at end of year 93,678,658
General, administrative and fund raising expenses as a percentage of total resources revenue and support 10.44%


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