Global Communities facilitates the growth and development of livelihoods around the world. We encourage the development of micro, small and medium-size enterprises through entrepreneurship training, access to finance, market linkages and technical capacity development. Global Communities strengthens household resilience by rebuilding and protecting people’s livelihoods after crises and by building and protecting the assets of people living in chronic poverty. We also bring private sector-driven workforce development opportunities to rural and urban populations.

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Development and Entrepreneurship

Global Communities builds the capacity of entrepreneurs in micro, small and medium enterprises to increase sales and employment. We help entrepreneurs leverage opportunities for growth through improvements in production, diversification, business management training, linkages to new markets, technical skills building, access to finance, and cooperative development.

Household Economic Resilience

Working with people who have experienced or are at risk of exper iencing economic, environmental, or health shocks, we rebuild and protect livelihoods and link households to local networks of social, health, and education services that provide safety nets. Global Communities takes a market-based approach to income generation, includ ing savings mobilization, technical training, asset building, cooperative development, market linkages, and entrepreneurship promotion.

Workforce Development

Global Communities’ workforce development approach is demand-driven, focusing on marketled employment opportunities and entrepreneurship. We work with the private sector to customize technical training programs, provide soft skills and entrepreneurship training, and place trained youth in internships and apprenticeships for on-the-job learning and skills development.

Local Economic Development

Leveraging our strong community relationships, we engage the government, private sector, and civil society in designing targeted interventions that lead to more vibrant local economies and broad-based economic growth. Our projects are identified and prioritized by the community with an emphasis on those that create sustainable jobs.

Economic Development for Healthy Communities

Global Communities works to increase vulnerable households’ access to health care and social services and strengthens local institutions that provide health care. We work with diseaseaffected communities to increase their incomes and build their resilience so they can afford health treatment and cope with the economic shocks engendered by ill health.

Economic development programs are ongoing in Colombia, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Jordan, Lebanon, Liberia, Mongolia, Rwanda, South Sudan, Uganda, West Bank and Gaza, and Yemen.