Global Communities’ economic development programs focus on integrating vulnerable and at-risk groups into market opportunities in a variety of complex environments. We use a systems-based approach that involves comprehensive assessment, local capacity building, market facilitation, and sustainable solutions implemented with local partners and the private sector.

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Development and Entrepreneurship

Utilizing a pro-poor value chain approach, we work with micro, small and medium enterprises to leverage opportunities for growth through improvements in production and quality control, business management, and facilitation of new market linkages. We build the capacity of new and growing entrepreneurs with technical skills development, management training, access to finance, cooperative development, and access to market information, leading to increased sales, employment and incomes.


Household Economic Strengthening

Our economic strengthening programs take a market-based approach, connecting people to income generating opportunities through activities including savings mobilization, job placement, asset building, cooperative development, and entrepreneurship promotion. We link vulnerable households to local networks of social, health, and education services that provide critical safety nets. This comprehensive approach builds resilience and reduces household vulnerability to economic, social, health, and environmental shocks.

Workforce Development

Our workforce development approach is demand-driven, focusing on private sector employment opportunities and market-led entrepreneurship. Our programming includes workforce needs assessments to ensure the unemployed are equipped with the skills needed to meet real workforce opportunities; technical skills training, literacy and numeracy education, life skills building, business management training; and curriculum development, placement services capacity building, and facilitation of private sector linkages for workforce development providers.

Municipal Economic Development

Leveraging our strong community relationships, we engage the government, the private sector and civil society in defining local economic development priorities and designing targeted interventions that lead to more vibrant local economies and broad-based economic growth.

Cooperative Development

Global Communities has been a leading force in the cooperative development movement starting with the U.S. cooperative housing movement in 1952, when the organization was called the Cooperative Housing Foundation. Global Communities has since expanded its expertise, programs, and geographic scope to provide individuals and communities around the world with the necessary tools to improve their lives. Global Communities is a member of the Overseas Cooperative Development Council (OCDC). Read more about Global Communities' cooperative development work here.

We currently implement economic development programs in Colombia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, India, Jordan, Lebanon, Liberia, Mongolia, Montenegro, Rwanda, South Sudan, the West Bank and Gaza and Yemen.