Through Boafo Microfinance Services Ltd., Global Communities is providing urban Ghanaians with access to affordable finance to enable them to pursue their business, shelter and educational dreams. At the same time, we are working with local governments in urban communities to increase citizen engagement and improve service delivery. In Northern Ghana, Global Communities is working to reduce poverty and improve the nutritional status of vulnerable populations.


Global Communities is working with local partners to build their capacity to support, treat and care for individuals living with or affected by the HIV/AIDS epidemic at the same time, we are working with schools in urban areas to improve students’ HIV/AIDS knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding HIV prevention and healthy behaviors. Global Communities is also working within urban neighborhoods to mitigate conflict and violence among youth. Through a $50 million loan guaranty facility, Global Communities is bolstering trade by increasing access to financing for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) engaged in agribusiness.


Global Communities is helping Liberians rebuild their economy by supporting women entrepreneurs with training, certification and education. Global Communities is also working with local governments, community organizations and private partners to improve water and sanitation services in urban areas. Since March 2014, we have been responding to the Ebola crisis by conducting community-based health education outreach to help reduce further transmission; supporting burial teams with protective equipment, training and hygiene supplies; and providing logistical support and contact tracing.


Global Communities has been working in Rwanda since 2005 to support vulnerable households affected by HIV/AIDS. These programs have focused on providing health education, vocational training, support to orphans and vulnerable children, access to care and other types of critical services. Global Communities is also helping Rwandans bolster their livelihoods by promoting the development of cooperatives, increasing access to financial services, providing agricultural training and nutrition education, and promoting financial literacy among low-income households.


Democratic Republic of Congo

With funding from Tenke Fungurume Mining, Global Communities worked with communities in the town of Fungurume to implement a long-term urbanization plan. Working with residents and local organizations, Global Communities engaged stakeholders throughout the town in participatory processes to identify priority infrastructure needs consistent with the urbanization plan.


Global Communities started working in Ethiopia in 2004 to help build self-sufficiency among drought-affected communities and help mitigate the impact of extreme drought and flood on rural, agricultural communities. Activities focused on improving food security by increasing household assets such as livestock, supporting livelihoods through access to economic opportunities and improving health and hygiene through access to clean water and sanitation.

South Sudan

Global Communities has been working in South Sudan since 2004, first addressing emergency and humanitarian needs and then shifting to projects which focused on helping communities and returnees to rebuild and reintegrate.